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Geneva Switzerland Wall Art, Swiss Travel Poster, Retro Funky Aesthetic Style Print, Human Rights Story - Digital Version

Geneva Switzerland Wall Art, Swiss Travel Poster, Retro Funky Aesthetic Style Print, Human Rights Story - Digital Version

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Geneva Switzerland Wall Art, Swiss Travel Poster, Vibrant Retro Funky Aesthetic Style Print, Human Rights Story, Modern Unique Swiss Gift - Digital Version

Colorful and vibrant representation of Geneva Switzerland, designed to add a touch of fun and charm to any home. It features some of the most iconic symbols of Geneva. Jet d'Eau, a stunning fountain that everyone knows and loves. The fountain is surrounded by beautiful lively abstract shapes and patterns, creating a retro aesthetic that is sure to catch the eye. With the mountains in the back. You can not have Geneva without a Swiss train - although it is going over the Geneva Lake in this poster, and round the charming buildings that are nested along the coast. And the most beautiful part of the poster is the 'Broken Chair':

The chair in front of the United Nations in Geneva is a symbolic representation of the organization's commitment to peace and diplomacy. The chair, known as the "Broken Chair," is a sculpture created by Swiss artist Daniel Berset and French architect Louis Genève. The chair is made up of over 5 tons of wood and stands at 12 meters tall.

In order to raise awareness of the problem with landmines and the demand for a worldwide ban on these weapons, the chair was placed in front of the UN building in Geneva in 1997. The chair's broken legs serve as a reminder of the terrible effects landmines can have on people's lives and the urgency to put a stop to their use.

Today, the Broken Chair has become a symbol of peace and human rights, and a popular tourist attraction in Geneva. It serves as a reminder of the importance of diplomacy, peace, and international cooperation in addressing global challenges.

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Height: 4962 px Width: 3508 px. Scalable to any size you need. Due to the design of the poster there are no different ratios available but the poster fits perfectly the ISO ratios (international sizes):





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